Monday, March 2, 2009

Ending of nothing

ok, right now.. i will STOP BLOGGING HERE...
take action..will not post here...
my new blog address

*its valid..try on

till then.. see yaa

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 march 2009

ok.. now i have own website..yeahh...OWN
located at Malaysia datacentrel..quite fast arr..
maybe will STOPPINNg blogging here...
hosting blog someelse...

owh yeah.. private hosting..mean open subject arr?
yes..can upload song,video n more..
common info..
gold selling price= 1gm = rm 129
1USD = Rm 3.70

new website link

Saturday, February 28, 2009

27 febuari 2009

it's nice having a raining before making some competition ?
owh yea.. 'they' really smart...
let the student across raining..
while 'they' go with their car...
so clever...

owh.. bytheway.. this is picture for today...
lots of nosense there...
hope u wont enjoy it

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 feb 2009

pergi kelas add math.. aduhai..
skang dh ramai org bwat ringging tone bunyi 'itik'
haha.. kuek kuek...
samapi cikgu chandran pun kater..
'saya ajr manusia..bkan itik...'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 febuari 2009

owh korang.. saper yg dh beredah dr smkpj high school(nama agk bajet..)
bye..jumpa kt maner ipta Universiti...

bdk2 bridge..semoga berjaya khamis nie..saringan kedua....
bdk bridge ptg...aku berkorban kt korang..sampai kena lari kelas semata2
nk inteview korang msuk bridge...

next week ( 23-27 feb) sukantara...
rmai sibuk kn?
khamis raptai....jumaat sukantara..
so... 3 hari je blajar..itu pun subject to ability...

malaysia punya internet skang nie slow..damn fuck streamyx....
port problem..masalah nie beralutan dr 12 feb sampai skang...
solution? nope..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 feb 2009

welcome new bridge ...
include evening season...

"thniah wong sbb maen tendang2 pintu..kelakar..."
"korang2..jamuan nk bwat kt kde ke?"
" bwk pc kt skolah tadi"
"bye bdk2 nk pindah"
"minggu dpn sukantara"
"aaaa.a maner pergi cikgu perdagangan?"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17 feb 09

bm...cikgu ok...yay..cikgu puji persembahan aku..hhaa
bi...teacher... i read that text actually..but just wanna maku u waiting..haha
mt... makin aktif cikgu...haha..(nk ambik physic)
add math...owh yeah...add math

meh cite pasal sn tadi...
bru abis blajar pasal kebenda kn..okok
tengok diagram bwh nie

maybe advance sket..tapi kalau nk phm mcm mner neuron bergerak.. bwh nie plak

so message dr receptor akn antar pkai eletrik.. bkan kuat..tapi okok je arr...
maybe korang bole tnya bdk sains tuk mklumk lnjut..(biologi lah kater kn...)

Monday, February 16, 2009

16 feb 2009

owh... Monday.
New prefect... Welcome to the new hell of organization.
Nice meet u. Haha. Damn, they shake hand with inspector...
Fuck ar.... Zzzz.
Lazy time, sleep awhile at pc labs. Haha. Until resest.
Ok what...!
Tomorror got meating, hello new fellows...
I hope u can test ur brain, there

Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 feb 2009

jumaat..lari kelas perdagangan..mmg best...
arinie..tau kn hari aper? okok..
aku tak nk mengata...ikut hati masing2 nyerk..


Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 feb 2009

its thursday. Maybe its just tired day.
Need working araund at school like crazy.ok, school just a place for me to exercise, ah ha.. Im got it.
My quote, ' i hate u both damn much'

Today, almort 3 teacher find. Ok... They need help. I love help other people. Haha...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 feb 2009

ok...*bak kater hazriq* homework are killing..
math..add math.. account..blabla..
computer lab..20% finished.. just 80% more to complete.. time..quite good time to run away from language class...
not only me..but all of them...pity pn norain..okok..maybe u raws..haha...

k-can..or wtevr..aper ko merepek tadi?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

8 feb 2009

World OC day..
oh..yeah.. oc..ermm..what the HELL are oc it's?
OverClocking..short meaning...want long term? go google it..

ok..dummies prosessor also can...
without any suppliment assesosy...u still can..but limi..ted...
pentium 3, 4 or wtevr...
amd still can..but cannnot fight with intel...

merentas desa(road crossing..i guess)

behind any artwork to do..the is something u killing themm..
ermm..watcha i talking about? nvemnd
ok..there is a few picture..but i uploaded on my my my my myspace..
so..sign in ur account..or create..or borror.or hacking also permitted
but please..dont comment it.. i dont want it...there is few picture that will be group as 'top secret'
maybe..but so far.. it's ok to publish..

Saturday, February 7, 2009


ok.....yesterday sux...
i hate that teacher damn much... mke mcm paip getah jamban je...
dok kt klas 4 berkat..haha

merentas desa..equal to road crossing
ok..wthevr lah...
volunteer kinda fun.. no need to run like dog chase people..
i got a LOT of picture..but.. u know......
100.. how can i upload it here?
sure will mess up...
maybe next post i will upload the pic..ok?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


holiday ...jusr for me..i guess...can i sugesst our gouvement..
make holiday for 3 day?can huh?

ok.. big stuff..freaking weird when i know someone acting 'pro' in front of me..
that ppl are evening club computer supervisor..
HAH... freaking arragont... u think u smart? oh come on...
new teacher...please...realise that u still new..ok? dumbass

tomorrow? who gonna run for school crossing?
i guess only few ppl..i think maybe teacher can make any thing that can
impress all student..ok?

now homehork is giant sucker..
are u try to killing me? oh man..